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Conference "Mission Growth: Europe at the Lead of the New Industrial Revolution"

Ways for a radical reshape of European industry to make it robust, sustainable, and growth-oriented have been discussed a high level conference in Brussels, organised by the European Commission, on Tuesday 29 May. It focussed on how we can boost our industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity to generate growth and create jobs in Europe.
With this initiative the European Commission launched a debate about new ideas for the growth strategy focusing on the real economy and industrial innovation in view of promoting a European leading role in the new technological development. This strategy aims at giving concrete perspectives in terms of opportunities and employment for new generations.
The new industrial revolution should lead towards the gradual substitution of hydrocarbons as our main source of energy, and towards a more efficient and sustainable use of our resources. More in general, our economy as a whole is going through major transformations, with new production techniques based on digital technologies, advanced materials, key enabling technologies, space, robotics, renewable energy, recycling and reuse of raw materials.
This revolution will affect many economic sectors: manufacturing, services, energy, raw materials, transport, construction, and chemicals; and it will be accompanied by technological innovation and the creation of new professional figures.
Vice-President Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship stated recently that "we need to step up our efforts in making Europe more innovative in order to catch up with our main competitors and recover the path of robust and sustainable growth".

Press memo 29.05.2012: Overview of EU measures to reshape EU industry

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The morning discussion included two panels: The first with CEOs of leading European industry and the second with European politicians. In the afternoon three forums with prominent speakers and key stakeholders discussed three topics in depth.
Financing the real economy and especially innovation is crucial for European recovery. As traditional sources of financing appear to be on the decline, the main question is whether alternatives to bank lending can help to overcome the current financing problems of enterprises.
Societal challenges call for change and innovation. How can we translate these into business opportunities? How can we help turning innovative ideas into new marketable products and services, creating jobs and growth in Europe? There is a vast potential in harnessing the demand-side in innovation policy development to help EU industry.
The transition to a knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy is accelerating. But skills shortages, gaps and mismatches still affect negatively growth, competitiveness, innovation and employment in Europe. What are the skills strategies to ensure that Europe remains a leader in the New Industrial Revolution?

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  • Consultation on Industrial Policy Communication 2012 - developing new policies to boost the competitiveness of European industry is the aim of a new public consultation, which is meant to provide input for the review of the industrial policy communication planned for September 2012. It will focus on developing a limited number of new initiatives that can deliver substantial results in the short-term. The public consultation runs until 7 August 2012.




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